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    R12 Rules, clearly the best post on this site, have it in my office. All new guys must read
    Never Say Die

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    Thumbs up What I am looking for

    I don't ask much from 'newbees'.

    I want good working ethics along with the desire to work, and the knowledge of which end is the working part of a tool. Everything else can I can work with.

    I would like to get techs that don't have alot of experience this way I can train them on how I want service done to my accounts. My customers have come to expect service done in the fashion that I have set forth. It is easier to train techs when I have a clean slate to work with, no bad habits. I also have started a field training program and a support system so no tech will fell alone and overwelmed.

    I am not a control freak. However, when I know that the job is being done right there is no need to hover over the techs and follow up on their work. This way our shop is a quite laid back place to work, little stress.

    Good luck to you

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    Originally posted by R12rules
    Hey new guy ... welcome to the community.
    As for me and my house, we shall serve The Lord.

    The best rule is to leave your religion at home.

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    Originally posted by cloned
    Originally posted by R12rules
    Hey new guy ... welcome to the community.
    As for me and my house, we shall serve The Lord.

    The best rule is to leave your religion at home.

    The best rules is NOT to ignore who you are ... the best rule is to treat other people like you wish to be treated yourself.

    Now ... if you were to ride along with me and I told you to shut up and sit still. Would you feel very comfortable being around me?
    Of course not.

    Would I be very wise by asking you to shut up and NOT speak up?
    Of course not!
    The reason two people ride together is to learn from one another.

    I dont know why you came to this site, but when your first post is insulting ... you better re-think yourself.

    Oh .... and by the way ... just for your own information... had our Founding Fathers of this great Nation believed the way you spoke ... we would still be under british rule to this very day!

    Those men & women who fought the Revolution spoke up and acted upon their faith in the Creator God!
    They weren't spinless wimps who let others do all the work for them to sit back and just enjoy the fruits!

    If you've got any backbone ... your not gonna want to sit down while others are doing it all for you.
    And your not going to keep your faith out of the workplace.

    I dont care if your Black, White or Chineese! Everyone in this Country came here as an imigrant and started from scratch!

    If you lack faith in anyone other than yourself ... dont blame us for that.
    And dont come here telling other people how to live their lives ... when you chose to keep everyone else out. I mean ... you have no profile.

    What if someone wanted to contact you and speak a few kind words to you, so you didnt continue to embarass yourself?
    They would be at a loss with no means of contact listed.

    Dont be afraid here. We dont bite.
    However, we dont roll over and play dead either!

    Have a nice day.

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    I just got done reading this thread. Just curious if anyone out there has anything else to add? I find myself reading up on everything I can that is related to the industry. I'm not sure what to expect once I graduate (in just over 30 weeks from now; I'm almost halfway done).

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    Originally posted by studentnmu
    Just a few questions I am graduateing in Dec from a 2 yr hvac school and am epa certified. What do the employers expect of you when you first get out of school. I have the basics you think that is good enuf?

    Can you draw and explain the refrigeration cycle??

    Can you draw & explain the electrical on a heat/cool system, including the thermostat ??

    These are the two questions that I would ask any prospective tech looking for a position in my co.


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    Thanks! That should keep me busy for awhile...

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    you will need to know more then any thing is to do what you are told and not *****.
    if you are lucky you will be put with a realy good tech for a while and dont be suprized if you are told to do it over again and do it right.

    dont stop asking questions and never stop watching and listening. after the first day even though you think you know alot from school you will find you dont.
    if you find him doing something they didnt show you in school or said dont do this ask him why.

    dont act like you know it all. sit back and learn it all instead. be his partener and help him as much as you can.

    dont repeat any thing you see or hear as he will stop teaching real fast

    get your hands dirty and dont be afraid to jump in
    get used to your meter and all the other tools needed.

    you have a lot to learn and this can be a great trade to be in as long as you never stop learning all you can

    there is no greater feeling then knowing the coustomer has confidence and trust in your knowlege and showing them thier trust was well founded

    almost forgot
    be willing to work as late as nessary and go back out after only be home five minutes

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    tin knocker ... good points

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    Wow! Cloned Your are one screwed up dude. I don't ever wish to make trouble in here. But please leave. You do not belong here. This thread started about a guy asking a legitimate question. Please go mark hillary on your ballot and get it ready for 2008,ok?

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    the sadest part of the whole thing is.....

    they think they're teaching you something. When most
    of them don't know jack. If your serious about learning
    the right way then you WILL not settle for less than
    what you need to a professional. Does that mean anything to you?

    I worked with guys that said,"I have 25 years in this field", and like I said they don't know jack.

    For example... One guy i spent a day with said when he charges a Cooling system he does ambient + 30. Ambient
    temp on a TP chart + 30. (70degrees...+30=100 degrees
    = 195.9 pounds on a TP chart.) Fast and easy way.

    HE knew about superheat charging. So I asked him if
    he was aware of head pressure. He response was
    "who cares about head pressure". So the shop owner
    had a higher electric bill beacause he doesn't care
    about head pressure.

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