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    Inherent Autonomy is the intrinsic nature of the human condition

    Humanity has succumbed to the momentum of mediocrity. The modern age has forsaken the core values that created Western Civilization. The principles of meaningful social relationships have been relinquished to a reign of terror - Democratic Rule. What you get is the acquiescence of the mob to the dictates of the elites. Americans are especially afflicted with the ailment of amnesia. A country founded upon the prescript of liberty, has surrendered to the insanity of pluralism. The loss of emancipation is a direct result of relinquishing our Inherent Autonomy.

    Inherent Autonomy is the intrinsic order of individual independence. Natural rights are the foundation upon which an authentic society rests. All rights are possessed by human beings. Governments or states do not retain rights. Their only purpose is to serve citizens. This fundamental truth is ignored universally by governments. Citizens demean their own self worth and welcome tyranny everywhere. Why? Because they have lost their ability to act rationally upon their own valid self interest.

    Independence for one’s own kind and from influences that conflict with your own instinctive standards, is the natural end of mankind. Cultures are the social expression for like minded communities. Nations are formed to protect and preserve similar ethnic groups. Governments are subordinate to their nation, and accountable to a comparable population. Willful consent is the basis for legitimacy. Yet, notions that people are all equal is as absurd as the sentiment that the State routinely serves the citizen.

    Pluralism, multiculturalism, secular humanism, ethnic diversity or religious ecumenism are preposterous attempts that deny the real fallen aptitude of a common nature. All of history confirms the reality that oil does not mix with water. The melting pot myth has turned into a pure melt down. The fallacy that seeks to compel interaction between and among contradictory factions is the primary underpinning of altruistic government. Coercion under the guise of contrived law is the scam. Arbitrary decrees are the practice. Forced “collectivism” is the ultimate goal. And universal punishment is the fate for dissent. The State has achieved omnipresent illegitimate rule and consummated obligatory worship as the only almighty allowed to exist within its jurisdiction.

    Is this sovereignty for a free people? Of course it isn’t. After all, the real question that is continually avoided is whether there are any people left that deserve the fruits and rewards derived from Inherent Autonomy? A society based upon the proven principles that foster liberty should be the chosen end. To achieve the chemistry for achievement and avoid negative reactions, the crucial standard is de-centralization. The cherished traditional theme of limited government has been abandoned. The axiom of individual civil liberties has been substituted for constrained tolerance. And the refuge of nonconformity has been traded for the enslavement of a false security.

    The all-embracing aspiration of freedom is realized only when independence has been attained. When citizen consent can no longer be achieved, abusive authority must be terminated. Permission to govern is conditional. The natural order does not transfer eternal dominion upon governments. People are entitled to sever an unworkable relationship. Notwithstanding, the State pursues the course of a permanent ruling entity. This false claim is the source of continued despotism. Strife is the normal plight. Efforts to exclude this circumstance, relinquish your inborn autonomy, will always produce bondage.

    The inalienable right to abolish citizenship in an impossible membership of conflicting communities is an inherent imperative. Secession is not merely implicit, it is quintessential. If governments really served the populace, the correctness of this conclusion would never be challenged. Separation means the potential of cordial coexistence can be enhanced. Requiring compliance to accept the maximum perversion offers only the greatest indignity. Imposing civic codes against the will of your own kindred is pure evil. This is the very dilemma that enslaves a submissive society.

    When inhabitants advance clashing cultures, democracy by majority vote is guaranteed oppression. There is no room for compromise with antagonistic tribes. Dissolution is preferable to a coerced union. The drive for empire is the demise of liberation. Fostering the mission of equality as equivalence, invariably causes absolutism.

    America is a failed experiment, not because of lack of effort, but because of a misguided application of legitimate purpose. Saving the world, when you destroy yourself, is not a model to emulate. With the repudiation of the very reason, why the American Revolution was fought, the oligarchy that rules, betrays the country; even greater, with each new outrage. The 1776 rebellion was meant to overthrow tyranny. Today the central government has perfected domestic despotism, while it exports global imperialism.

    Inherent Autonomy behooves sane citizens to evoke their natural right for independence.

    The pragmatic ideal for governance is genuine republic representation, by and among, your own cultural community. Prospects for individual freedom and public harmony are viable, when central government interference is minimal. Moreover, damaging cultural differences are diminished, when defined lines of separation are recognized and accepted. Eliminating pretentious bureaucratic regulations and dictates, allows for parochial assimilation. Cooperative friendship endures when citizens respect their neighbors. Amiable civil interaction is elevated, when representatives owe unqualified loyalty to their own district. The basic right of life - lived as you and your extended family decides - is the essence of sovereignty.

    Contrast sectional independence with federal dependency.

    Elites that envision the nation as a comparable whole, requires compliance from all of its parts. The application of “politics is local” is voided when incumbents ignore their own constituents and favor nationwide influences. The opposing party fraud, fails the - loyal opposition - smell test. When elected officials’ primary allegiance is the federal government, the entire intent of the country is undermined. Without independence there is no reason to persist with the deceit of federal unity. The Nation is not the State. Nor is the central government a benefactor of individual liberty.

    The revolt that created self-rule was a repudiation against crown rule under a legal system of equity. Oppression of the colonial era would now be considered as relief. The “shot heard round the world”, has turned into a plea for magisterial permission for the means of self defense. Relinquishing innate freedoms is mad, since natural rights can’t be destroyed by renunciation. The hoax that rights are legislated is nefarious deception. Patriotic love of country obligates taxpayers to starve despots wherever they reside. Rabid regime nationalism, that holds citizens hostage, is a sickness. Judiciary absolutism is the antithesis of independence and should be opposed as licit duplicity. Sovereignty resides within the consent of humans, and is only conveyed with distinct limitations, to entrusted governmental services.

    In order to achieve the benefits from Inherent Autonomy, the lineage of a society needs to willingly accept the tenants of good government. Disagreement among incompatible peoples is best arbitrated when reconciliation is not an option. Distinct and independent jurisdictions provide the most equable administration. Dictatorial government is the end result from central command domination. Authentic representation requires a comparable community to represent. The United States (euphemism union of states) are no longer a collection of self governing entities, but has become a singular brute power designed for supreme subjugation. This former association of autonomous areas is no longer a communal unity.

    Americans need to renounce their affiliation within a “Totalitarian Collectivist” society, enforced under the enactments of a diabolical central government. The prospects for liberty are dead as long as folks are determined to deny or face reality. Handling the truth is not a trait mastered by compliant clones. The sum and substance of the American Revolution was to establish independence for distinctive settlements. Each separate state became a unique jurisdiction. A restricted confederation was instituted to achieve a cooperative coalition. That was the intention and purpose of fighting for liberation.

    Inherent Autonomy is devoted to the study of the principles for self governance and their implications in our current circumstance. The limitation of feasible options are recognized. Outline for potential alternatives will be presented, with the price needed to be paid, acknowledged. The reward of indifference will be total enslavement. The risk of confrontation offers hope. Only individuals committed to unfeigned liberty need apply. Independent communities means you have a choice. Do you dare take back your own future? Or are you satisfied with the ordinariness of your servitude?


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    I bet you had the same problem in school.


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