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Thread: clamp on meter

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    My service mgr. has a UEI. I couldn't help but give 'im a hard time about it. He just shrugged & said, "But it has True-RMS!"

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    I'm looking forward to the day Fluke makes a UEI DL259 version.... For the now, My UEI seems to report the facts. My Humidity sensor is an Amprobe, My Temp meter is a Fluke, my back-up meter is an anologue Amprobe. My Gas detector is a Tif.

    I'd like to hear more factual info on the reasons UEI clamp-ons are the worlds worst. Gimme facts - holms.

    Teach the apprentices right... and learn from their questions and ideas.

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    If I had to do it all over again, I would pick one brand from one parts house. That way the parts house would know me better because I would buy all my personal stuff there. Sticking to one brand has it's advantages also. But maybe that is just me.

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