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    I am referring to myself not a piece of equipment. Does anyone know how much cerveza I need to reduce blood pressure from a busy week. Do I need to give pressure and temperatures readings? What is a good b.a.c. to achieve if your not driving?

    I think the formula is something like this:

    Put picture of wife in pocket.
    Look at picture of wife.
    Look at picture of wife.
    Repeat process.
    When she starts looking good in the picture

    a desirable B.A.C. has been reached and definitely do not drive!!!!!

    Happy weekend everybody except those poor techs on call.
    thehumid1-------I live in NJ, a state where it's free to come in but you have to pay to leave!

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    Just keep your dirty mitts off your pressure relief device, that will give ya warts.
    Hey cockroach, don't bug me! ©

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    now... now... no making fun

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