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Thread: Vacuum gauge

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    I have an older (about 10 yrs or so) model A-14 analog vacuum gauge from a company called Hi-tech in Brevard N.C. From what I have been able to find out, it is nearly identical to one made by Annie with the same model number. I need a new sensor (PS-1), but have not had any luck locating it. Anyone know where I can find one?

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    If you got ten years out of your micron gage, why not break the bank and buy a new one?
    $250 for a great one.

    Dont go cheap.

    YellowJacket is one name or the Thermal Engineering unit.

    Stay away from the cheap one's.

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    R12rules, you answered a different question than the one I asked. Ever consider a career in politics? Actually I probably will end up getting a new one, but I thought I would at least see what turns up. Thanks for the reply.

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    My native mode, whenever I see something that doesnt work ... is to try to fix it.

    What age and experience have taught me is that it isnt always the best avenue to take. To fix something, I mean.

    If your really set on finding one of those sensors, find a list of insturement repair shops and contact them.
    They may either have the part and are willing to let go of it for cheaps ... since people dont have many of those insturements repaired anymore.
    Or they may know where you can go and find one.

    Also contact some of the larger service contractors. They usually have fulltime purchasing agents. And they may even have some of those parts in their outdated inventory.
    They may not know initially what you are talking about... but you can fax them some numbers and a picture. The agent can give this to their warehouse/parts manager.

    If all else fails to turn up what you desire ... contact the manufacturer. Both Hi-Tec as well as Annie.

    Funny you should mention politics.

    Yes I have considered it.

    I'd be the first man on the floor of Congress or house of reps with a live flame thrower!

    And with God as my witness, He knows we sure have some "dead wood" that needs to be burned out of the Nation's Capitol!!!

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