I agree with you DOW. In fact, I was you too. Except I did not like being the boss.

There is no black and white, only shades of gray.
There are a couple of issues, you did not address.
The value I place on the benifits of employment are not the same as yours. You might like the monetary compensation, where I like a flexable schedule, for example. What you say is a good compensation package might not appeal as much to me.

People and jobs change over time, too.
When I sold my company, I signed a contract to work for the guy, for 2 years. I was 100% loyal and never said anything bad about him. I had to leave after those 2 years, because I had higher standards of quality than he did.
I am thinking about quiting the job I have now. We have had some philisophical differences, but I just want to do something different at this stage in my life. Kids are moving on to college. (I do need a little more money than I used to.) My life is not the same as it was when I took this job.