Corporations would never dare say anything chauvinist, but now they base their whole business on the idea that women will call the number of the cute guy in the picture.

As per the orders from the top of the corporate ladder, jobs where men work with their hands mean nothing anymore.

oh sure, their work runs the whole company, pays for the boss's $5000 per month house payment, and pays for the Ferrari his son drives to Harvard in, but there is still no respect for the laborer.

men from Mexico now stand on street corners, willing to take any work they can find.

corporations have switched priority and give job security to the female workers in the offices.
they are now paid 30K to 80K to answer phones and send faxes, meanwhile skilled male workers bounce around from job to job and are told stories about economies.

the is all in an effort by Marxists to fix God's mistake of making the male the bread winner in a general scenario.

every company will now fall in line with the plan and any company service a customer feels they receive, is nothing more than an illusion.

workmanship has turned to crap, professional service is immature.
how do companies get away with it?, customers are too nice to demand that things are taken care of properly.
thy are too nice to get a lawyer involved.
they would rather suffer from terrible service than take action.
they are too stupid to realize society is dictating failure from the top.