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    This morning on CBS News they had a map. The red states were suppose to be a lock for Bush and the blues was suppose to be a lock for Kerry. The greys where uncommitted states.

    The map showed Vermont as a lock for Kerry. Now it was true that in the last election that Vermont did vote for Gore.
    But at that time everyone I talked to said that they intended to vote for Gore.

    I don't hear people saying that they are going to vote for Kerry! Where is CBS getting their information. If the map is wrong for VT is the whole map screwy. Most of the people I know are committed to Bush. Besides that Vermont is booming economically.(Which surprised me!)

    Vermont has a republican Governor. He should win by a land side. We vote for Gov this year also. Vermont has a big Catholic population. Catholics don't like Kerry even thought he is "suppose" to be one. (Actually, he is more like a Moslem-Baptist with Jewish influences. Or what ever you want him to be.)

    I will take any reasonable wager that Vermont will go for Bush.

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    Latest info here says that Kerry's up 13% in VT.


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    vermonth curry thats good, ohh you said kerry didn't you.

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    Vermont Votes For Bush

    Hell freezes over. Deacons Den pays their bills, etc.
    I pray not for an easy life but that I be a strong person.

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