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    ISO Employer Info.

    I've lurked this site for a couple of years finding some good and helpful info., and am looking for company contact info. of any level to companies who service food service equipment (especially hot food) in eastern PA & northern NJ.

    A bit about me I'm 37 and have been in some level of electro mechanical service repair all my life, primarily local commercial/residential plumbing/heat/HVAC. A few years ago while in search for a better co./ better pay, local plumbing heating companies seem to think $15-$18 an hr is good pay, I came across a large company in Allentown PA (Refrigeration Electrical Mechanical COmpany) that offered me a position in the commercial food service repair industry. Well I dug into it and love the industry, the company serviced all brands and the variety was great, pay was well meh okay (however come to find out if you weren't in the "boys club"circle/friends it did reflect in your pay by $2-$3 an hr.) hours and travel were insane, 300+ miles a day 14-16 hr days to boot (but only being payed for 8-10 of those hrs. that really got old). The company wasn't so great in short they have a revolving door policy regarding employees, they could hire but failed miserably at retaining people, in 3 yrs. 90% of there labor field had turned over, one year they froze our pay increases to only follow up at the close of the year w/ a record profit, some 1.2 million over the previous yr. ( they've made significant profits the past 3 yrs.), and then awarded the supervisors a 50k bonus (while labor only gets $200-$300 a yr.) but only after a restructuring/merger to eliminate a few supervisors who didn't fit into the "boys club circle" need less to say those supers quit there after. Oh for got to mention this is also suppose to be an employee owned Co., and no one could answer how board members got appointed or how you got on or off the board. Enough of the rant and needless to say I'm no longer w/ the company, they trumped up some B.S. to fire me and PA unemployment basically set them straight and called them on there B.S.. Also to mention this company has given bad recommendations when contacted, not only me but several others, it's just the worst company I've ever worked for.

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    contact your local Hobart office....

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    Actually the local office in Allentown was a franchised office that closed earlier in the yr.. And I'm split between Philly and Wilkes-Barre offices now which I have contacted and submitted resumes to but both service managers have said nothing is currently open.

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    ??? No food service repair co. in the north east?

    Here is a short list of companies off the top of my head I've been in contact with, there has got to be many many more I'm not familiar w/:

    Hobart, Philly & Wilks-Barre PA

    K&D, Allentown & Scranton PA

    Jay-Hill Repair, Moorestown NJ

    WAWA, Philly PA

    O'Brein and Sons, Beth. PA

    Red Robin, Allentown PA

    I would really just like to get a complete list of companies going here that service food equipment, so please chim in on companies you know of in the PA, NJ, NY, Del., MD region either small company, mfg w/ service techs. or corporate chain.

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