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    How many of you are members?
    I just got my new member package in the mail on Friday, so havn't had much experience with it yet. I have been lusting after the SAM for a while, so if nothing else, the difference between the member and non member price for the thing is well worth the membership fee. Is there much more to it than the journal, training classes and certifications, or do I have to get further along in the program before more is revield to me and I get my secret decoder ring?

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    Hey Mark,
    If you start to go to the chapter meetings let me know how organized things are. May be interested in joining up again.Not far from you - Azle TX. Used to be a member in Alabama.
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    Member here, been off and on for 17 years. SAM manuals are cool, great reference manual, if the answer ain't there it tells you where to get it. The education is the big thing and the meetings with a well organized chapter help keep contacts within the trade open which is another benefit when you're stumped.
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