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    Missouri, to the best of my knowledge, doesn't allow alcohol or tobacco to be purchased with 'food stamps' but that doesn't mean people on the program don't buy these things.

    Here, there are lots of states that tax food or tax it at a lower rate than other goods:
    (note this site states that Arkansas food tax is listed as 2%--not what the poster that lives in AR reported. This may be because of COUNTY AND/OR CITY TAXES! Missouri Counties and Cities still levy sales tax on food so that is added to the state rate--we generally pay anywhere from 2% to 4% on food dependent upon where it's purchased)
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    Quote Originally Posted by corny View Post
    In our town there is a "dine in" tax at restaurants and a "drive thru" tax.
    Yeah well do they serve squirrel or just rabbit, crow and an occasional road kill. Inquiring minds want to know. Thank you, thank you very much.
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    Food stamp money is used to buy whatever the receipient wants. Just go to your local wal-mart and look at all the food products behind the returns counter. They buy it with food stamp cards. Return it without the receipt, and get a store credit. And then ethier sell the gift card for .50 cents on the dollar, or use it on non food items.

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    well things are going to get much more entertaining.

    The Governor of NYS now wants to go after the Seneca Indian Nation for Taxes on Cigarettes. It seems the Seneca Nation can sell cigarettes and not charge tax because of a 100 year old treaty.

    Now the Governor wants the Seneca Nation to pay tax on cigarettes sold to "non-native North American Indians"

    That should put the Redskins on the war path.........and I ain't kidding. The Seneca Nation HATES the State of NY. If your traveling on I-90 south of Buffalo, NY you will come across a BIG bill board the says "You are leaving the state of NY and entering the Seneca Nation" after that you never see a sign that says "thanx for visiting the Seneca Nation, your back in NY, sux to be you" ( I made up that last part)
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