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    Organizing refrigerant....?

    Within the next two weeks I will have in my possession a refrigerant reclaimer. I have about fifty drums of R-22 that need to be reclaimed. I've got 30+ employees that use this refrigerant daily and am pulling my hair out trying to figure a simple and effecient way to keep accountability and organization of the drums. I'll have recovered refer, reclaimed refer, and recovery drums in a vacuum that need to be seperated. All of the drums are labeled, just don't have a way to tell the contents. Anyone have some ideas?

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    labels? seriously, you need to keep them seperate, labeled seperately. this jug is r22 that has been recovered. This one is r22 that has been reclaimed. have seperate storage areas as well. it doesant take much to do that.

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    The problem is that the drums are going to be constantly rotated. Not only their state, but also their where-abouts. they will not always be in my possession, so just a simple label would not suffice. but thanks for the help.

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    Who assumes responsibility for the recovered/reclaimed refrigerant when it's not in your possession, then?

    If the EPA ever came in to your office to do an audit, do you have the proper refrigerant logs? How will you explain the perhaps thousands of pounds of refrigerant that is not in your possession? That would have to be logged as well and available for the EPA to inspect I would suppose.

    Sorry I don't have any answers, and just additional questions for you to consider, but good luck!

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    Best way is to inventory by tank number. List a date and contents. If/when the contents change, you should be notified to adjust inventory data.

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    they are all labeled numerically, and will be signed out and signed in per usage. i'm not worried about the epa issue at all, i've got that covered to a tee. Now i'm just trying to make things easier on myself, and the other employees. thank you for the concern though.

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    All those helium tanks and such have those neck tags with near-off sections that read

    empty-partially used-full

    You can also use different colored protective caps.

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