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    REcently installed 5hp system with two evaps (at opposite ends)cooler is 40' long,7'wide,with 18 display doors. noticable td at center of cooler with little air this too far for two evaPS.

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    yes, usually spec min. of 4 evaps to insure even air flow and temps. 7'w is not helping either. More evaps does cost more but performance is much better w/ proper spacing. Don't bother moving coils closer together as temps at ends of box will suffer. Good luck explaining this to your customer.

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    Normally you will blow from the back towards the glass doors. Need at least 3 can coil units or now i would add some fans!

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    Fan coils should face tha glass doors. Should have about 10' apart so you should have had 4 evaps...the way you have it config. product won't stay cold enough.

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    What the BTU rating of your condensing unit and the coils?

    I assume your unit is 38K BTU and your coils are 14K BTU each and your feeding them with GVE 1 1/2 TX valves. Correct?

    If your coils arent any bigger than that, you may be able to pipe in a third coil and replace the valves with GVE 1's.

    I say that cause that's probably what I woulda done.

    I have been in a heap of C-stores what the above configuration was standard. Five outisde and three one ton valves inside. You can over feed those coils since you wont be storing any fresh foods. Everything is "pre-packaged" goods.

    It's a lot of work, but it's best to do it and get it behind you.

    This is just my sugestion.

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