I took adjustable DOM and DOB ICM timers and a peanut relay and wired it up to a contactor that controlled the 110 to the strobes. The timers were wired to energize the contactor (and the strobes) for about 3 seconds every 3 seconds. I connected all this to a remote-controlled 110 relay that I could turn on and off as needed (one where you can turn on a lamp from your car as you pull in the driveway).

I was going for a lightning effect, so the house looked dark from the front, except for the porch lights which I swapped out with red ones. Some people would pass by and not really look, thinking the house was unoccupied and not participating. I'd peek out the window and hit the strobes for a quick burst of lightning, and up the driveway they would come. Scared some of the littler ones away, though.

All in all, got a lot of good comments