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    Is there a web site on hoshi where I can get pressure chart. I cant find my book and I need the info quick. Model# km1600mrb3 3 beeps, Long frezze. Its not doing it when Im there. HGV not leaking, WV not leaking, Float checks out OK. on 10 minutes cycle check. Machine frezze time at approx 75 ambient is 27 minutes. I think its low on freon and going out at night when temp drops since we have little cold front here in san antonio. I did not put my gauges because I did not have my book to see if pressures are right. MAHALO

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    Call me when you get there, 512.775.0761.

    I got the books right in front of me.

    We're practially neighbors. I'm in Lockhart, 70 miles east of you.

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    The operating pressures likely won't help you much if a remote condenser unit like that is running good during the heat of the day and tripping out at night when it cools off.

    I suggest pulling the charge (weighing what you take out) and then recharging by the nameplate charge plus any additional for extended lineset.

    My remote guess is that your short on charge. Look for and repair the leak.

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    Service manual

    Purple tech book (will give you specs on page 63 or 64

    Before you go to all the trouble of removing the charge which you may still have to do check this first.

    Pull your drain valve and check the seat for debris. Also remove the spring and stretch it out a bit (not a lot, just a bit)

    This is a very common reason why a Hoshi will freeze up and is overlooked just as much as the water filters are. It looses water through the drain valve during freeze cycle when the spring is weak and/or there is debris under the seat.

    Look on page 13 and 14 for part information on this. It is part # 22,23,24,25.

    Here is the freeze up check list from Hoshi. Sorry it will not copy well here.

    MODEL#_____________________SERIAL#________________ _INSTALL DATE_____________FAIL DATE________________
    Single Stack
    1. Single unit or stacked equipment? [ ] [ ]
    YES NO
    2. Is the float switch dirty? [ ] [ ]
    3. Is the water pump always running in freeze? [ ] [ ]
    4. Is the thermistor properly mounted? [ ] [ ]
    5. Is the TXV bulb tight and insulated? [ ] [ ]
    6. Does the water sump fill to overflow in 60-90 [ ] [ ]
    seconds or less when empty? Note: 1800, 2000
    2400 should be 60-120 seconds
    7. Is water line size 1/2”? If not________” [ ] [ ]
    8. Is the water flow 3GPM for KM-150 to KM-900 [ ] [ ]
    or 5GPM for KM-1200-KM-2400?
    9. Only one water line per unit? If not_______ [ ] [ ]
    11. Will the thermostatic bin control cycle the unit [ ] [ ]
    OFF within 6-10 seconds when in contact with ice?
    11a. Is the bin control capillary touching a heated [ ] [ ]
    For units with mechanical style bin control:
    12. Will mechanical control cycle unit off in 6 [ ] [ ]
    seconds within the first 5 minutes of freeze?
    12a. Is the deflector shield in place over the [ ] [ ]
    control bracket.
    12b. Is DIP switch number 7 ON? [ ] [ ]
    12c. Is machine mounted on a dispenser? [ ] [ ]
    13. Are the evaporator separators positioned [ ] [ ]
    14. Is the cube guide positioned correctly? [ ] [ ]
    15. Date evaporators were last cleaned? _____________________
    16. Date water valve screen was last cleaned?________________
    16a Does water valve close completely when [ ] [ ]
    17. What is water pressure?___________Temperature__________
    YES No
    18. Does the unit have any water filtration? [ ] [ ]
    If yes please list the following:
    Filter brand___________________Model_________________
    Filter pressure gauge reading during the fill cycle___________
    Date filter was last replaced?___________________________
    GPM or LPM flow rate of filter system?__________________
    19. Please list the DIP switch settings.
    20. Is the cube size consistent form inlet to outlet [ ] [ ]
    of evaporator?_
    21. Is ice still dropping when the unit goes into freeze [ ] [ ]
    22. After defrosting, was the unit leak checked? [ ] [ ]
    Were any leaks found? [ ] [ ]
    If so where?_________________________________________
    23. Was any refrigerant added to the unit? [ ] [ ]
    If so, how much?____________________________________
    24.What was the head pressure? Freeze_________Harvest_______
    (Freeze pressure should be taken 5 minutes into the cycle)
    25. What was the suction pressure? Freeze______Harvest_______
    (Freeze pressure should be taken 5 minutes into the cycle)
    26. What was the length of the cycles?
    27. Ambient temperature at condenser? ____________________°F
    28. Water-cooled condenser outlet temperature______________°F
    29. Is the hot gas valve opening? [ ] [ ]
    30. List model and manufacture of the bin____________________
    __________________________________________________ ___
    31. Has the stainless steel extension bracket been [ ] [ ]
    added? (All “S” models)
    32.What is the ice drop weight?____________________________
    Note: Please make copies of this form and use it when diagnosing a freeze up condition.
    Please submit a completed copy of the checklist with any Freeze-up labor claim form
    TECHNICAL SUPPORT FAX 1-800-843-1056

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    Great check list

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    I tried the links and they worked OK for me.

    From what shaka posted, I'd still go with low charge. He said he was getting a 27 freeze cycle at 75 Deg F ambient which would be just above where the head pressure controller would start to throttle back and stack up liquid in the condenser. At 50 Deg F at night, this system is probably sucking wind.

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    That's right...

    at 70* he should be around 45/235 5 min in the freeze.

    With a freeze up problem I keep hounding my guys to check the drain valve seat and spring. You would be suprised what we find and how many we fix that way.

    The units works fine, they just can't explain how it runs out of water after a proper fill up.

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    Lots of great info guys, but dont forget to clean it

    I advise checking/cleaning the water inlet valve screen.
    Pull drain plug and drain sump.
    Check /clean water float.
    Pull out water distributor tubes and check/clean.
    Inspect cube guides and look for broken /missing plastic grids.
    Reset control board.
    If the icemaker is scaled up, use descaler to clean.

    Put all the parts back in place and turn switch on in
    the "ice" position and see if sump fills and starts overflowing the drain within the first 3 minutes, while observing the water filter pressure guage if there is a water filter system in use. If the machine fills empty the empty sump and overflows within the first 3 minutes you've got an ample water supply.

    Now turn the switch to wash. Water pump should start. Now listen and observe the icemaker drain. The water pump shouldn't pump water down the drain. If it does, check/clean spring check valve and seat.

    While machine is in wash, check and or adjust bin thermostat with a piece of ice. Water pump should shut off when ice is in contact with bulb for 8 - 12 seconds.

    While your bent over checking/testing bin thermostat please make sure the stainless steel bin thermostat extension bracket is in place. If it isn't I would strongly advise ordering one thru your local Hoshizaki distributor.
    These steps will take about 30 minutes to do. I've found out by doing these "checks" on Hoshizaki freeze ups you will solve the problem 98% of the time.
    Now you can worry about the "freon".

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    Hey guys Im back great check list lusker. the first thing I did was count the beep of course. then I went crazy looking for the purple book man my van is a mess. I did find a green one that tells me 3 beeps means long frezze. first thing I did was remove water to check the float and clean it. I ohmed it out but there was a lot of crap in there so I just sold him a newfloat.I delime the machine remove all the distibuter and plastic guide. ran unit to 10 minutes cycle test checks out fine. I did not check the check valve with the spring because I know it wasnt the problem. A leaky valve or lost of water in the sump causes a short frezze about 5 minutes frezze to be exact. Since I did not find any other cause of long frezze and after timing machine 27 minutes I thought that was pretty good. So I started asking customer all the usual question. The key that I pick up on is when he said it usually beeps when they come in the morning after he reset it. I left the job because I needed the book I just told him there was other problems. Sure enough he called this mornign and its beebing again. tomorow I will go back and add about 2 to 3 pounds of freon. and see what it does the next day and maybe look for a leak.

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    What if it's only 1 lb. short?
    Sure hope you have a scale.

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