Is this the type of individual you want running this country?

Is kerry really this dumb where he did not think the lie he stated,” President Bush never met with the Black Caucus” would be looked into?

Fact: President Bush met with the Black Caucus during his second week in office.

Fact: President Bush has placed more blacks in cabinet positions than any president in history, and yet the blacks still want to vote democrat while President Bush acknowledged them, and helped them.

Is kerry really this dumb to think Americans wouldn’t think if President Bush did not ever meet with the Black Caucus that there wouldn’t be national media coverage for the last 3 ½ years concerning this?

He had the national network attention in this last debate, and he wanted one last plug for the black vote so bad, he stated a lie that would infuriate black people knowing most would not even look into the truth of the statement. I guess he thought the networks would just not respond or dispute it also, what an idiot.

How can an American vote for someone wanting to run the country, and show their total ignorance by outright lying straight in the public’s face while they watch.


Kerry left his men during war while leading them to come back from the war early. Real leaders DO NOT leave their men

……………………………..disqualifies to be commander and chief

kerry has never had a real job after his military career.

………………….....disqualifies to be commander and chief

kerry has never had a major piece of legislation in 20 years. If he was such a great leader in the Senate, why wasn’t he ever elected as the Senate leader when the democrats had the majority?

…………..……..disqualifies to be commander and chief

kerry has lied to the public’s face

…………………disqualifies to be commander and chief

If you think these are the qualities we need in the potential leader of the free world, may god help you and the free world, because we will most definately need him then.

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