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    Supermarket Refrigeration
    I live in Arizona. And the town I live in, Gilbert, is getting 2 new Super Targets in January. I will be the Store Building Specialist between the two stores.

    I just found the Einstein-2 manual and the Tyler service & installation booklets. I hope these will be helpful tools.

    * What are a few "common" problems that I will encounter when dealing with these Tyler rack systems running R-404a?
    And an E2 CPC.

    Any helpful hints...tricks...or stuff to watch out for????

    Can anyone give me a list of tools that I'll need. Excluding wrenches, screwdrivers, and common handtools.
    I mean specialty tools of the trade. THANK YOU SO SO MUCH!!!

    Email Me:

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    Who is gonna be the back-up contractor for your stores?

    Same as the install/warranty co.?

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    We are currently using Cold Mountain Mechanical for our store in Tempe.

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    They also do West Valley don't they?

    The one on 75th and Thomas isn't a SuperTarget but they have 15 med temp doors and 10? frozen doors.

    And air cooled condensers? Already having problems at that store I mentioned.

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    I think so...I'm located with East Valley Shop-1. West valley is not my area.


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    If there NEW systems and are in need of service already, you may be better off doing the work your self.LOL
    All you need is some gauges and a few years of schooling
    in refrigeration.

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    bryan l Guest
    Personally I dont believe you should be touching supermarket (or any refrigeration equipment) if you are not qualified to do so (not certified, I am "Certified" to work on Boilers but not "Qualified" to do so) Try to find a Mechanic that has market experiance to work these stores would be the first step. Sorry but Market refrigeration is not a topic you can go to Home Depot and buy a "1,2,3 How to" book on.

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