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    Frown fractionation

    Hello,Been a log time since I have been here.But I got some really good answers from this site.So I thought I might try again.
    My question is can you charge r12 and r502 as a vapor without getting fractionation of the remaining jug

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    R12 is a singular refrigerant, whereas, R502 is an azeotropic refrigerant, which is a funny way of saying you can't boil off one without the other.

    Or are you talking about a mixture of the two in one tank? If that's the case, you got me there, but I would think the higher pressure gas would try to make a quicker escape (boil off faster/sooner) than the lower, which is why you charge blends in the liquid state.
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    Fractionation is only possible with R-400 series blends.

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