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    1 - Thermodynamics Wrench
    1 set - Thermodynamics Gauges w/ Yellow Thermodynamics Hoses
    1 - Multi Voltage Thermodynamics Meter

    That oughta do it. Bring on the E2

    HA guys are getting too serious.

    Good luck with your new job.

    FUNNY! LOL and four more years for sure.

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    Originally posted by NedFlanders
    S.R. is doin' the same thing here . They bring them up their way.

    It's all about the bottom line.

    I know. That's one of my beefs with 'em. They get hired to run convenience stores but end up in a market opening this, dumping that, turning the other.

    But at S.R there are also some very experienced guys that you can two-way for some advice. That way you don't have to come to a forum for an answer after the day is over.

    cozy climates
    And as far as learning from the warranty company? Not likely. We do main call and backup call for the chains here in town. It is not in our best interest (dead benjamins) to "teach" in house staff when we run into them. As far as I'm concerned the less they know, the more bling-bling I get. But in this forum I will help if I can cuz that's what I'm here for, too.

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    I've helped mentor several in house techs.

    I have no problem doing that, and it has not effected my income adversely. In fact, I firmly believe that my willingness to help has increased my call volumes form those chains.

    In house techs usually wind up learning on the job, in my experience. Some become top notch techs, the kind that cna braze in sightglasses without melting them, and others don't.

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    Cool It's way past my bedtime!

    Jerry> Sorry, one thing I forgot to mention is that we'll have an In-House super tech that I'll be working with on issues...after the warranty is up.

    And I'd have to agree with Dave. Around here the frigy techs that I call to service the 3-comp. rack have been more than delighted to share their knowledge. And that's why I kept calling them after the warranty was up.

    I really like reading the replys on this one...diversity makes the world go ROUND.

    Thanks to all who Put In Their 2 CENTS...for a 50 Cent Newspaper!

    One more thing, kiss your wife goodnight for me and tell her not to forget to WASH MY BOXERS I STASHED UNDER YOUR BED.

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