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    410 is not something special. It is a new air conditioning refrigerantthat has been mandated that we all change over to by the year .. something something.
    It is just one more reason engineers need to have their balls cut off and shoved down their necks.

    (did I say THAT?)

    R-404 is a long term replacement blend refrigerant for low temp applications like R-502 used to be.

    From what I gather, there are some really good manuals on installation of piping, load sizing and installing some ... "some" market equipment.
    And then there are those of us here who have been priveledged to work on a makert from time to time.
    Then there's the guys who do this stuff day in and day out.

    Tools ... I got news for ya, there is NOT LIST adequate enough to describe all the tools your gonna need to use in order to do what is done.

    The list I collected of just what these guys carry in their tool box, tool bucket or tool pouch ... it fills half a page!
    And that's with small print!
    And that's JUST what we carry in our tool bag!
    Plus cordless, plus gages, plus specialty meters such as leak sniffers, anemometers, etc.

    I can provide you with the list of what everyone in general carries. This will servce you very well.
    Plus figure your gonna need a good half inch socket set and ratchet with some extensions.
    Same for 3/8", of course.
    Then your gonna need all sorts of wrenches. All sorts.
    Your pretty much safe to buy anything in site until you start collecting duplicates.

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    Good luck to ya cozy, those racks are going to need experienced care if they're to stay shiny nice. Find a good mentor and follow him around late at night. Thats what i'm doing!

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    Welcome to the wonderful world of refrigeration.

    I am now retired after over 30 years of design, sales, service and repair. I spent most of my time doing commercial and industrial refrigeration, including a lot of ammonia refrigeration, but dipped into all phases of a/c and refrigeration as well. I loved every minute of it.

    Throughout my career, every time I opened a box with a part in it, I saved the included paperwork and read every word. I would stick it in my back pocket for later reading if I could not read it then. I didn't understand a lot of it in the beginning but as time went on, I learned from my reading. I would find something I did not understand and I would look it up and learn about it.

    I also saved old parts, took them apart and studied them. My wife could not understand why I was bringing home old, greasy parts and dismantling them on the kitchen table. You need a good woman if you are a refer man. I was lucky, the third time.

    Don't spend you life being a "parts changer". Get into the heart of every system and learn how it actually works and how it would be affected under certain scenarios.

    I was very intimidated the first time I saw a Hussmann slave system or Tyler racks. But, if you took a bit of time to understand what the purpose was of the systems, they made sense and became very logical.

    I wish you lots of luck and fun. I had a blast whether I was working on a walk-in, a 200 ton a day ice plant, IQF systems, ice cream blast freezers or a -100 deg evironmental chamber.

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    Talking This is exactly the reply I was looking for!! THANKS MUDLEY!

    This is exactly the reply I was looking for!! THANKS MUDLEY!

    I have a GREAT mentor his name is Harry C. When he speaks, I listen attentively. I am building a refernce binder with various service/installation manuals, wiring diagrams, charts, etc...I've learned a lot in Refrigeration School but I know it's going to take years of hands on experience to become a true Refrigeration Tech. Even then, with technology changing as fast as it does, I'll be learning more & more through out my life.

    Surrounding oneself with the needed resources to effectively execute (or to foresee) a problem situation in a timely manner is the KEY to becoming a SUPER refrigeration-tech!!!

    Thermodynamics has taken over my LIFE!! And I love IT!!

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    We just finished 3 Super Targets here in town. They have Zero Zone racks w/Einstein 2 controllers and Electronic EPR's. How do you guys like the Einstein 2? I think they are a lot easier to read and its pretty easy to navigate through. Also talked to one of the Target in-house fellers, he was also going to Refr. School. Sounds like I need to hit em' up for a better job.

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    Question Super Target

    Do you remember the Target store numbers? Or what city, state?

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    Don't take this the wrong way, but why is Target taking on guys fresh out of school and throwing them into rack refrigeration?

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    Talking Answer.

    Well actually I'll be using a warranty vendor for most of the repairs for the first year while I "soak up" all that I can about these rack systems. I understand's all just a matter of time now to learn the configuration of the Zero ZOne with E2 controllers.

    So do you have any advice about the Zero Zone or Einstein2?

    But to answer your question, Target wants me (fresh out of school) because I exceed expectations, drive new & innovative ideas forward, and save them $$$!

    So if you have a position to offer me starting not less than $21.75 ph, I'll review my options and get back to you.


    <> CoZy yer service! <>

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    Originally posted by jerrycoolsaz
    Don't take this the wrong way, but why is Target taking on guys fresh out of school and throwing them into rack refrigeration?
    S.R. is doin' the same thing here . They bring them up their way.

    It's all about the bottom line.

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    bryan l Guest

    Re: Answer.

    Originally posted by cozy climates

    because I exceed expectations, drive new & innovative ideas forward, and save them $$$!
    You dont have ANY experiance with racks or Control systems yet you "Exceed Expectations" (that says ALLOT for targets standards)

    And you will save them $$$? Somehow I doubt that, more likely you will end up costing them more $$$ than you save.

    Good luck and I hope you the best.

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    So you wanna be a market man?

    Cozy you ask questions the way a marketing researcher does.

    If you’re serious? Hang on Tight, you’re in for a hell of a ride.
    A Diamond is just a piece of coal, that made good under pressure!

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    Thumbs down Think about it...


    Do Not jump to conclusions. What you read here is just a fraction of the way things are. You are right I don't have Supermarket experience, but like I said before I know Thermodynamics & have proven myself to be not only very skilled but also a quick learner. That's why I am reading and researching as much as possible BEFORE I get my position in March. Plus I'll be like an apprentice for a couple years...are things a little more clear for ya Bryan.

    Look, if you are insecure, have issues with your 7-day itch, or just plain Dubya...DON'T GET UP IN MY **** ABOUT IT! ASTA FOOLIO.

    No Worries George Dubayahoo Kerry will send ya a "Too Bad" card in the mail!


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    Re: Think about it...

    Originally posted by cozy climates
    Bryan> I said before I know Thermodynamics....

    No Worries George Dubayahoo Kerry will send ya a "Too Bad" card in the mail!

    Let's see...



    1 - Thermodynamics Wrench
    1 set - Thermodynamics Gauges w/ Yellow Thermodynamics Hoses
    1 - Multi Voltage Thermodynamics Meter

    That oughta do it. Bring on the E2

    HA guys are getting too serious.

    Good luck with your new job.

    Oh, and.....


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