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    I have a R-22 walk-in cooler at the camp that isn't keeping temp.
    The temp now is 50° and I need to get the temp down to 35°to 38°.
    The compressor is pot type and air cooled.

    There is no t-stat,it runs off a dual pressure control.

    There are three cold pack style gravity evaporators with one TXV feeding them.

    The suction pressure is 25 psig and I can't seem to get the king valve to break free on the high side.

    It has a receiver and sight glass and the sight glass was'nt clear when I first looked at the unit.

    I tried to clear the sight glass by adding refrigerant slowly,but the glass would clear and after awhile it would go back to the way it was when I first looked at it with barely any in the sight glass.

    The pressure switch's are set at cut-in=30psig and cut-out=10psig.
    Two out of the three cold packs(evaps)where froze and one was not.
    The suction pressure was remaining steady at 25 psig .

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    Think about your suction pressure, why is it at 25 psig? That is 1°F saturation temperature for a 35° box, that is now at 50°. Sounds like an awful high temperature difference across that evaporator. Look at the evaporator superheat. I have to believe you are starving there. (low charge, restriction etc.)

    Ask yourself why is the suction pressure so low. Also why is your pressure control set so low for a medium temperature application?

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    Wondering that myself! The pressure switch is set up for a
    low temp. application. But the temp. that I am trying to maintain is 35-38 degrees which I know is a medium temp. box. thought maybe the pressure switch was set where it is in order to run the 3 cold pack evaporators with no fan at a lower temp.

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    To clear up any confusion,....Shae-dog and I work together and are talking about the same problem.

    we were thinking that the pressure switch was set low because of the type of evaporators used in this setup.

    In this case gravity coils.but also thinking low on charge as basser mentioned earlier.

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