I'm a Navy trained HVAC tech, so I know nothing about residential HVAC, but I understand the refrigeration cycle.......

I just moved into a new apartment, brand new building.

The A/C short cycles horribly. From talking with the super (a construction manager in his day job) the units are over-sized almost double (no numbers but I can get them if needed). Based on the other issues with this brand new building, I'm not surprised...ie, when switched to "fan" the compressor runs continuously, even with A/C switched off. (I think I can re-wire that.)

I've been doing allot of reading about oversized units and the overwhelming consensus is "rip it out and get the right size". I agree but unfortunately not going to happen in my case. What can I do to minimize short cycling? Decrease wild temp fluctuations? (gets COLD quick, then gets stuffy/hot, then COLD). would a dehumidifier help? what to minimize power bills? (I pay electric...). I've already closed down on all the vents to minimize the tornado effect, this seems to have helped a little bit.

I doubt asking the owner to fix it properly will get me anywere, unless maybe I suggest he pays for the electricity until it's fixed. 3 weeks into a 1 year lease, so moving isn't a near term solution.

Thanks in advance.