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    I have a supermarket who has been sold on this stuff, any one ever heard of it.

    I am of the thinking - gas and oil only in system.

    Think it may cause more grief than savings. The store is has two old racks, still running 502 and 12

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    this is from there web page and should be enough info as why not to use it
    Frigi-Tech TM contains two anti-wear, anti-oxidation systems. The primary system stays in the solution and is triggered by temperature on an as-needed basis only. The secondary system is metal-seeking and latches onto all internal metal surfaces. This combination will therefore produce the greatest reduction at startup and maximum heat load operation, rather than in steady state power reduction. The steady state improvement in power consumption is due mostly to the secondary system creating vapor which enters the condenser containing particles of oil which create a film on the condensing surfaces, creating additional resistance to heat transfer

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    Ever hear of Mobil One oil? Of course we all have.

    Has anyone ever heard the test results of equipment torn down after prolonged use?
    How the bearing surfaces displayed no visual, detectable, measureable signs of wear?

    Some had the gall to consider that stuff to be a scam.
    Some felt it cost-prohibitive.

    Even after all these years of totally 100% positive results .... Mobil One oil is receiving limited market share/ acceptance today!

    The same was true of Hy-Save. LPA.

    It just never got past the stage where grown men set aside their pre-judgices and sought the test results.

    I've sat in on talks about the magnetic field generated around water lines and how this would keep scale build up down.
    But even after many years of proven results ... I've never seen much of them in use. And I never heard a single thing about them being bad.

    I used to buy Hoshi parts from the distributor in Los Angeles. Their coverage area was treemendous! Right there on the parts counter was a little box with a spun
    copper shell and inside was a permanent magnet. It was for inline use for the water system.
    No signs, no banners on display. Just that box.

    A box of Girl Scout cookies would have received more attention!

    I've been privy to participate in beta testing of such chemicals.
    Y'all know I am far from an engineer or scientist. But I could read the system results. And when the claimed results did not show up, I could make up my own mind as to the value of that product.

    The company repping this oil product should spend a few million dollars and get Danfos, Maneurope or Aspera to demand that this oil additive be used in their compressors!
    And if they did that ... this oil additive product would begin selling itself! OVERNIGHT!!!

    A million dollars may be a lot to you and me ... but in the realm of product endorsement ... it is really nothing at all!!!

    in my opinion....

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    Mobil Oil likely doesn't have much incentive to aggressively push their synthetic Mobil-1 oils as it would take away from their base products' sales. They have billions to throw at such a venture but choose not to.

    The Hy-Save LPA, while technically sound and has proven benefits suffer from a piss-poor marketing program that turned off their most serious potential customers.....the big national supermarket chains.

    The magnet deal is one that I've only seen applied once to an icemaker and saw no difference to similar machine on the same municipal water system, so I essentially disregarded it.

    We have some terrible water here in Florida, particularly with well systems. Lime scale and sulfur are the prime problems. Have you had positive experience with the magnet with either of these? The standard ice machine filters are useless with these conditions.

    As for the Frigi-Tech, I'm also a firm believer in just refrigerant and oil in a system. I've been doing this a long time and see no particular need for additives in any system that's installed, set up and maintained properly.

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    Ask Marc O'Brien, he knows everything...and then some.....
    Hey cockroach, don't bug me!

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    Originally posted by Diceman
    Ask Marc O'Brien, he knows everything...and then some.....
    It's the "and then some" that'll get you in trouble every time.

    Does the Frigi-Tech stuff come with a label that contains the words "miracle" or "breakthrough" on it?

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    "As seen on TV"

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    Before moving to Louisiana I worked for a privately held mid size supermarket chain in NoCal. All water cooled towers that had to be cleaned monthly and depending on the location the scale problem was pretty bad. We would have to pressure wash the louvers to get the scale off. Our water treatment supervisor was always trying different things to beat the scale, pitting tds and everything. Chemicals are good, but they have a big downsize, eating the metal, being discharged down the drain, using more water for blowdowns and makeup etc. Anyway we started using the same process that is used in cold filtered pasteurization (If it's dood enough for Miller!). It basically changes the polarity so scale isn't formed. The scale doesn't plate onto the tube bundle and falls harmlessly into the sump. It actually will clean up a scaled bundle as well. The system is called dolphin. I don't remember the manufacture but I can get it if anyone is interested. Anyway I was quite impressed at how well it worked. That's my two cents.

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