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    I'm a homeowner from Pasadena, CA. and I'm up the creek with my expensive, imported-from-Germany, Muller refrigerator model CP-147 JW. Bought it 4 years ago from a store in Los Angeles and it worked great until 3 weeks ago. Contacted the store and they have been helpful, but don't know of any repairman who will look/service it. Both we and the store have called the New York importer and they say its out of warranty and they have no parts for it. Store sent out their go-fer to look at the unit and he determined it was a faulty thermostat, which he removed and took back to store, to search for replacment part. I have clear pictures of the theromostat to help identify it. As best I can determine, Muller made the shell around the real refrigerator, but I can't tell who made the refer itself. We have called our local appliance repair shop, but they have never heard of Muller and don't want to come to the house. I just need help to point me in the right direction. The sticker inside the unit says "Felix Storch, Inc. Model # CP-147 JW" Our warranty paper is by Summit Appliance, Bronx, NY, Thank you

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    Just have them put any universal thermostat in it.

    There is no big deal in it . I work on anything and fix any brand. I work on swedish and italian all the time If I can"t get the part I subsitute or make it.

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    Muller home refrigerator

    Thanks much, coldboy! You wouldn't happen to be in Southern California? Even if not, your reply gives me something to go on. By the way, my store has ordered the part from Slovenia, I kid you not.

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    I agree, you should be able to find a replacement stat from many suppliers. You were a pretty damn good running back in Cleveland.
    Hey cockroach, don't bug me!

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    with the unit un-plugged from the wall to prevent shock, thermostat has 2 wires correct? connect those two together and see if the unit starts up. let you know if that is the problem or not. if nothing is running, check your defrost timer and make sure it is not stuck in defrost. when you find the timer, it will have a knob in the center. use a flat-headed screw driver to turn it. it will only turn one- way as it is a one-way screw. turn till you hear and feel a hard click, then turn again to get past the hard click. should be in running mode now! if it starts, replace timer!

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