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    Confused help calculating Cooling Rate (Units/Hour)

    Rate = Voltage * Current / 1000


    •With the A/C system running, the voltage is 223 VAC and the current is 21.3 Amps, the Cooling Rate is 4.75

    Can someone tell me what voltage and current is used by my AC unit?


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    Well the "rate" you've specified is power, and the units it's going to return is kilowatts (kW). The voltage the unit will see will vary somewhat, but should be around 208. However, the amp draw will vary depending on the load, particularly with the compressor (your fan motor should have a relatively constant resistance).

    Are you looking for the peak power for the unit? Or are you actually looking for the rate of cooling (btu/hr) that the unit will be able to provide?

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    I need to get kW/h for my AC system to enter in to my thermostat. (baycontrols)
    With the existing value (3.432kW/h)and electricity rate of $0.15 it shows, that it costs me $4-$5 a day to run the system. I think the 3.432kW/h is too low, so wanted to get a professional opinion.


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