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    Triangle Passes Over Man
    In Bristol, Tennessee
    Kim Shaffer
    MUFON Tn State Director

    Report - Bristol, Tennessee

    In the early morning hours of October 2nd, 2004 this witness reported that as he drove home from work on a rural road, he saw what appeared to be a fire between the trees and off some distance away. As he drove, he again noticed the "fire" which seemed somewhat brighter and appeared to be moving.

    He neared an intersection near his home and exited his car to see if he could get a better look. As he stood in the road, he couldn't imagine what was about to take place.
    Slowly, from behind trees, emerged a huge triangle shaped craft. The witness started to run but realized that there was no where to run to, so he stood in awe and watched. The craft slowly came into full view, a perfect triangle which the witness estimated to be some 300 feet in length and width, and only a hundred feet or so high, blocking out all the sky. He noted three large domes, comparing each dome to twice the size of his car, burning brilliantly a reddish orange, lighting the treetops and illuminating the entire bottom of the craft. He also noted "rib-like" structures evenly spaced and running the width of the craft.

    As the object passed over the witnesses head, he stated his skin burned, tingled and felt really strange. he also noted that the sound seemed to emanate throughout his body and being a professional musician, assured me that he could never adequately reproduce the throbbing hum he heard.

    The object passed over the witness, made a westward turn without banking and was gone from his sight.

    The witness went home and tried all day to sleep but could not get the object off his mind. He reported to me on Sunday. He had managed some sleep early that morning and awoke to a nosebleed, metallic taste in his mouth and his skin feeling sunburned on his back and face. He also noted that when he brushed his hair, strands of it coming out in the brush. He also has been weak and nauseated since this encounter.

    The subject of electromagnetic effects came up. He noted his car radio was on and he thought it was unaffected as was his cell phone and his car kept running. However his watch lost 15 minutes and he remembered having to reset it Saturday evening for the first time since he had owned it.

    Having been in daily contact with this witness, we, Dr Melvin Redfern DCH and myself find him somewhat improved psychologically since the encounter. He, from our multiple interviews, is 100% sincere and truthful about this traumatic experience. This is a preliminary report and much remains of this most interesting case. Updates will be posted at the MUFON Tennessee web site.

    Kim Shaffer
    MUFON TN State Director

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    So....what happened to the saucers and boomerangs? Is this a newer model ufo?

    Of course, there are no medical records from any viable medical source confirming any of the physical affects of this encounter I presume?

    I have often seen UFO's.....really. I have later figured out what they could or might have been but the fact is that as long as I could not identify them they were indeed "Unidentified Flying Objects". Actually, one put a nice sized hole in the back of my neck and a stitchworthy split in my forehead when it hit me and got hung up in my helmet while riding at 50 mph in Aruba. I guess I should have reported it, huh?

    As I was riding down the sunlit road that ran the length of Aruba I noticed an object hovering a short distance in front of me. The object appeared to have four wings set up like a bi-plane and was of many irredescent green and blue hues in color. As I approached the object I tried to veer from one side to the other in the road so as to avoid impact with it. The object uncannily kept right with me until impact.

    The impact caused blurry vision and a sharp pain in my head. Then, there was a horrible buzzing sound from the back of my helmet and what felt like a medical probe being performed on my spinal cord. I am lucky to be alive and am convinced that I have been contacted by aliens., and ye shall find;..
    So always seek the Truth, not just what you want to believe to be true…
    Ecclesiastes 10:2 NIV

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