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    I have an air cooled nde650(flakes) scottsman to play with. I have the service manual for the ice maker. By studying wiring schematics and parts diagram, I have gained some basic understandings how it works. I would like to study even more; anyone has the training manual for it? Is it OK to diable water level sensor and run it without running water to study it? If so, how do you disable it? I already tested it with water and worked fine. But, it is really inconvinant to hook up with water again. I also know that using a regular pressure gage is not good idea to check its pressure because that will drain some refrigerant each time you use the gage. Is there a good pressure gage that I can buy for that situation? thanks in advance.

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    The old story about hooking up the gages being the very last thing a tech did on an ice machine is changed these days due to blow back preventer devices such as those little brass goodies you can purchase seperately and attach to your hoses so when you remove a hose the freon doesnt go wizzing out at you burning your fingers so you dont have to worry about hooking up the geges any more once you purchase those like I did and I got mine from Johnstone Supply and as far as bypassing the water switch goes ... I wouldnt do that. I would simply get a cup of water and pour it in as needed to the resouver.

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    I wouldn't run that thing without water.
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