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    Originally posted by plain spoken
    I knew you would be happy.... Another satisfied customer. Enjoy your investment!

    Hey, now does your wife understand your excitement?

    Here we find, every customer,installer and tech,seems to love the Infinity.Oh,salesmen ,too!How about where you are?

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    Nothing but Raves about it. I have not heard one complaint, even from the "more seasoned generation" that normally can not work a programmable stat. It is the absolute best system I have ever seen.
    If all else fails....Try reading the directions!

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    Originally posted by plain spoken
    I knew you would be happy.... Another satisfied customer. Enjoy your investment!

    Hey, now does your wife understand your excitement?
    hehe no she chuckles A guy thing , I finally got her to go outside and check out the unit. I do notice a major difference in comfort with this system VS my old system or even other homes with Central AC. Best thing since salt on nuts hehe. People have asked me about the unit

    The Unit looks heavy duty like a porcelain paint nice industrial design. Gave it a Wax with Zymol, Takes on a real good shine,feels silky smooth and water beads right off

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    Thumbs up

    Just finished installing two infinity units out here in Palm Desert. That's right next to Palm Springs, in a all electric development. The place was built in 1973 and had the original electric FAU's. And the A. C. unit's were just old. It was a corporate house, and I guess they didn't use it much in the summer. The Doctor that bought the place was renovating, and he started with the heating and air. The infinity's were a easy sale. One 3 ton and one 4 ton. Lined under the return air compartment with lined insulation board. And ordered custom FRAG's for pleated filters. My house is only four years old, but I know what I'm replacing the A. C. units with when they go. These units running 24/7 for five months a year, you are lucky to get eight years out of them. Those infinitys sure are nice.

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    Re: Two speed compressor

    Originally posted by mrcoolz4u
    Generally when a two speed motor starts up, both winding are energized then falls back to the selected winding speed.

    for example Most compressors carry two winding the start winding and the run winding. At start up both winding are energized then the start winding is taken out of the circuit leaving the run winding in the circuit.

    At start up the amp draw is higher because both winding is drawing current. so more current is being used.

    this application applies generally to all multispeed motors.

    this happens with the 3 and 4 speed motors as well. Compressors and fan motors

    it starts at high speed then goes back to the selected speed.
    Motor speeds Induction motors-start-are made for use on 25,50 or 60 cycles (Hz) current.The speed of a motor depends on the cycles (Hz) and number of field poles.Motor speeds are calculated from the synchronous speed. Synchronous speed is related to rotating magnetic fields. (The Field advances one pole for every 1/2 cycle of current.)If the rotor can keep up with the rotating field,the motor runs at synchronous speed.for two-and four pole motors is. Motor speed-RPM 2 pole 60 Hz SYN.3600 OP.3450 50 Hz SYN.3000 OP.2850 25 Hz SYN.1500 OP.1450 Most motors have a running winding and a starting winding.These windings are mounted on the stator. During starting,current goes through both windings when the motor reaches 60 to 75 percent of its running speed,the starting winding circuit is opened and the motor operates on running windings only.I hope this info. has been helpful.

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