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    I had a doghouse built about 20 years ago it had self regulating heat trace that you use to keep pipes from freezing in the floor. I had an underground GFI protected service for it. The doghouse was a 4 by 8 with a 4-½ foot ceiling with a 10/12 roof. It had R12 in the walls and R30 in the attic. I can’t remember the size of the covered front porch. I know it was the width of the doghouse and I guess it was about three-foot deep. My wife couldn’t have children so I had the dog. I miss that dog. I can still see his eyes, how he would look at me when he wanted something.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ColdairGuy View Post
    Animal keepers tried heating the floor already and they are convinced that the animals don't like it......

    how about electric mat heating the walls or ceiling?

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    couldnt you do something as abuse resistant as an electric heated towel bar? That and the right mood music...... andyways, thats how we heat our bathroom.

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    Quote Originally Posted by I_bend_metal View Post
    Feed the otters some Viagra and Budweiser........

    Problem solved......

    Need the right tunes also.

    Bom chikka bom wah wah bom chikka

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    You have to do a Manual J, Manual D, Manual S, and if it's a Chihuahua, a Manuel G. (Gomez).

    A lot simpler to just get a Siberian Husky.

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    whare is the disconnect or ac condencer for this dog house
    i dont see any GFCI for the heating unit or cover
    i bet one of you tech could make a grate unit for a dog house?

    Quote Originally Posted by Fabrk8r View Post
    That dog's name better be "Lucky"!

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