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    The Truth about Sharks is out !!

    A father shark is teaching his son how they hunt for food.
    One day a ocean-liner shipwrecked and all passengers where tossed in the water with very few lifeboats.
    Papa shark said "Here let me show you how we feed ourselves."
    First lets swim around all the people with just a little of our fin's showing.
    Then let's swim around them with all fin's showing, then we eat !
    After all was eaten the little shark said " Dad why don't we just go in and eat them instead of circling around them a few times ?
    Father shark said "Well Son if you do that.. then they just taste like
    You don't have to ASK

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    Sign petition to limit Congressional and Senatorial terms.

    "We may have all come on different ships, but we're in the same boat now."--Martin Luther King Jr.

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    LOL. That's great!!!!!

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