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    I met a Bev-Air yesterday that was sick as a dog.

    The complaint was no cooling. We pluged er in and found no dif in temp on the lines of the unit. No cooling iside the box. This was an MT12. And it was painted like a cow. White with black patterns all over it.

    The amps were way down. So we brazed on saddle valves and attached gages.

    The head would rise and fall like 50 psig. The suction started out like thirty then droped to 2 psig.

    134A. Less than a year in the field.

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    It took 2 of ya to do that??????
    Hey cockroach, don't bug me!

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    Oh, I forgot you have Gilligan helping ya now.
    Hey cockroach, don't bug me!

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    Dice if you can't say anything nice don't speak.

    Yes it takes two. To carry that POS to the dumpster.

    Maybe a possible filter-drier restriction. Seems it happens a lot with 134a that may have had a dirty condenser

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    oh man, i hate that!
    Floating restiction? It's under warrenty, what did they say?
    Cows are cool when they moo!

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    Yeah, It is a restriction. Power wash the condenser and that ugly paint with it!

    We have had luck (since it is out of warranty) installing 416 instead of 134. Less head and cooler running pump.

    What was it you were called earlier???


    Nice to have ya back.

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