Reengineering equipment brings on a host of liability issues. I explain that commercial equipment costing thousands of dollars can be expected to cost 10 to 20% a year after five years and considering how much it is used maint. cost is to be expected. Store mgrs. and higherups want their equipment to run forever maint. free. Well, TOO BAD this is the real world and it costs what it costs. More research before a purchase would be an excellent idea, but would also mean these guys would have to work at it. Vulcan is a fine product and the parts are high as hell, as is anything Hobart is involved in. There is also the proprietary way Hobart handles their equipment. I never reccomend them for this reason. I have learned how to repair their equip., but it was the old fashioned way. Tear it apart and figrue out what's wrong and fix it.