I have a GEHB042.....heat pump that is having problems with high head pressure. The suction pressure seems to be fine. Eventually it shuts down when the source water reaches 100 degrees or above. . Trane is telling me that these H.P's are good to 115 degrees incoming water. The spec sheet for the unit says 95 degrees. As I continue to work on these HP's, I just don't know what to believe. I've had trouble with this unit before. The cond coil has been replaced and that helped for a while. I know it's not overcharged as I had to recover and weigh it back in after I serviced it. The gpm is ok as I had the system balanced to specs. I'm not sure what else to look at. I keep reading on this site about these WSHP's and how Trane is having a lot of trouble with them. I'm not very pleased....I have 44 of these H.P's in this building, and half of them I can't even get to. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks.