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    I'm working in a new walk-in cooler installation. and have a doubt, Is correct install the sight glass inmediately next to receiver and before filter drier?, Why not?. What I learned in school is that sight glass is located after filter drier. Any comment is welcome, Thanks everybody.

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    I would put the glass after the drier, if the drier plugs up you'll know it.
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    Ya gonna go with sweat or flare connections?

    Ya gonna have dual pressure control or seperate hi and low pressure controls to protect this unit?

    What are you going to choose for the dog house cover for the outdoor condensing unit?

    Are you running hard or soft copper tubing?

    Are you going to have a pump down cycle?
    Will you use an off cycle defrost time clock?

    Are you installing a strip curtain in the doorway?

    Will you install a door closure to help keep the cooler door closed?

    Is your floor real flat/ level/ smooth?
    What treatment will you be using to "seal" the floor assuming it's cement?

    Inquiring minds .... wish to know.

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