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Thread: Hvac Training

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    Hvac Training

    I found out that the Northern KY Home Builders Association offers classes for HVAC. They don't offer any certifications, but they give you hands on training, blue print reading, wiring and controls, refrigeration/charging, construction math if needed and a lot of other things. It runs from September to March and you get 156 hours each semester for a total of 312. Also, the state of KY counts the hours towards half of the field hours needed to get your Journeyman's License and helps you prepare for the test. The tuition is 950 and another 90 for books. I was wondering if anyone on here has heard about the program or gone through the program or knows someone who has and what your/their thoughts are on it. So, my biggest question is should I attend the classes or go to school somewhere else?

    Thank you

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    Where did you find this info? I live in Tennessee and haven't found anything like this here? Does anyone kno anything close to this in Tennessee?

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