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    I installed new flexible ducts, an Aprilaire 5000 electronic air cleaner and furnace/ AC in the attic of my house. I immediately noticed an odor any time the fan is running. (The odor seems to be slightly less when the AC runs with the fan.) There is a chemical smell, possibly ozone. In some rooms the odor is minimal and isn't noticable unless I put my nose directly in the stream of air blowing out of the register. In other rooms the smell is stronger. (The worst smelling rooms are also the rooms with the longest runs of duct.) It isn't an unpleasant odor and guests, even relatives and close friends (who like to criticize) haven't mentioned it. I experience mild asthma symptoms, but the rest of my family is fine.

    My HVAC contractor insists air from my attic is not getting into the system. At first I was sure the smell must be bad air from the attic contaminating the system. My attic smells dusty and it does get really hot and humid up there, but the odor coming out of my HVAC smells different. (I don't see any signs of smells of mold in the attic.)

    What could the odor be?

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    yes it probaly is ozone and with the alpine or any electronic this will happen. ask the contractor if there is a setting for that filter high medium and low this may help if the odor is to great to stand.
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    I had the same problem with my Aprilaire 5000 that was installed in July 2004. I had a air quality firm check out the issue as part of a duct cleaning. They told me that it may be ozone generated by the electrostatic filter.

    To test this, I turned of the electrostatic portion of the filter. The smell went away after a couple of days. This, of course, is only a temporary fix.

    In January, I found out that Aprilaire issued a recall notice for the 5000. They shipped me a replacement part... basically the part that the filter sits in. I installed this piece... and I have been ozone smell free for 2 months.

    Hope you have already discovered this.

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    Electronic cleaners produce more ozone at lower cfms.

    So if you have a two stage furnace,or a variable speed fan,it may be runnining at lower cfm when the A/C is off.Post equipment models and/or info on what you have installed.

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    Has the recall notice been accomplished on this unit?
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    Ozone at any level is unhealthy.It is a lung irritant. I know many people actually enjoy the smell of it, but our lungs are very sensitive and have no defence against it.
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    without the ozone side effects! Good Luck and Thanx!

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