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    Have a Hussman model HLA-30-MT with a com-trol 4000 and in the summer I get a alarm that says open sensor and its says " sy-2-lig " Question where is the sensor and how can I check it, there is 40% in the tank and it only does it it the summer months not in the winter only when the outside is above some where above 80. thank you for your help, have a great day.

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    Condensate Dave probably knows this one better than I.
    But oh well .... he's not home yet.

    If it's only alarming during hotter months, possibly it's under charged. Could the sensor be near the condensor?
    There is a ohm value for that sensor at a given level. If the factory can provide you with that value, then you can simply ohm it out when it gives you the alarm.
    And to do this would not require finding the sensor. Just make a phone call.

    Or ... you can do what DiceMan did one time ... bypass the sensor with foil tape.

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    That sensor is possibly on the condensor drop leg line and is exceeding its temp. ratings. when the return temp rises
    To find it
    Go To
    Main Menu
    Tasks settings
    Analog ins
    Find Highlight the "sy-2-lig" and hit Enter
    This should show its boardpoint find it and trace out the wiring.
    There are 2 temp ranges for those sensors, it could be the wrong range.

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    McCoolio is most likely correct.

    Probably a low temp sensor where a high temp is supposed to be.

    I would interpret that "sy-2-liq" to mean "system #2 Liquid". Are there sensors on each liquid line????? That's unusual. Most likely a dropleg temp sensor, to bring in a recevier bypass valve...

    Does the head go nuts at any time???

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    thank you all

    sy-2-lig I think means rack # 2 Liquid. there are 3 racks with four copeland compressors on each. I will check out the dropleg thank you all and have a great day bob

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    That was good info, thanks! Never knew a rack till this past july....... I like 'em.
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    Originally posted by jappell
    That was good info, thanks! Never knew a rack till this past july....... I like 'em.

    Racks are neat! It's jus the OIL THAT STINKS!!!

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