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    vulcan convection oven

    At a charter school they are having problems with convection oven not cooking evenly some suggestion model # vc4gd-01

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    If you find a brand of oven that does cook even, please let me know.

    All the major players ovens will cook uneven stuffed full of sheet pans.

    There is no way to stop it.

    Air can not pass through metal.

    Outside burns , inside is undone.

    Blodgett is probably the better of the bunch.

    Customer will be forced to rotate product.

    If frozen food stuffs are being baked, they must go straight from freezer to oven with little or no "rack" time. Pizza is the worst.

    Have one school district that actually replaced all their Vulcans to Blodgetts.

    Better, but problem still there.

    One more thing, calibrate oven and set to low side of spec.

    Have thermostat cycle at 345 top when dial is at 350.

    99% of the time the kitchen ladies crank the dial to get done faster, which only worsens the cooking problem.

    IF, and it's a big IF, get them to run at 325, very small increase in cooking time.

    So far these things have worked for my customers.

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    Door gaskets need to be in good shape and doors need to shut tight against the door frame for the best cooking results. Vulcan, Blodgett, Southbend and any other convection ovens can and will cook relatively evenly in my experience. I have actually won bets by replacing door gaskets and adjusting the doors to close tight.

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