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    EPA and refrigerant

    This is in regards to a previous thread about how often the EPA actually fines people who vent refrigerant. A post was made with a list of the cases, and I must say out of all of the cases, only like 2 of them had to do with a tech venting refrigerant. The rest were for smuggling the refrigerant in from another country, or were for some type of equipment leak that wasn't repaired in a timely fashion.
    I'm not saying that recovering refrigerant is a waste of time, but in all honesty I'm sure everyone has discharged some refrigerant into the atmosphere while working on equipment.
    It just appears that they are going after the larger corporations rather than individual hvac companies. I mean they even fined DuPaunt and they making the stuff!!

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    Accidents do happen...but blatant disregard for the law doesn't just "happen".

    If you read the EPA regulations, accidental discharge is not a punishable offense.

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    Fab is correct, and the large corporations that got fined may have been fined for problems that should have been addressed at a production plant. If they do not fine them, they won't bother fixing the problems.

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    Kinda like refrigerant in atmosphere

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    the law is the law...does not matter if you may or may not get fined. Get your recovery marching and tank, recovery is part of the evacuating to manufactures specs. U do do that right?

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