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    Question about boiler size

    I know there are many other factors, but I'm wondering if 80K BTU boiler is sufficient to heat about 65 Ft of baseboard? I'm in the Northeast (1400sf reasonably insulated home) I figure 66-70 degrees for indoor wintertime temp. I can go up to 105KBTU, but I don't want to oversize if its not necessary.

    I'm sure there's lots more information that's needed to make a specific recommendation, but I'm just curious if 80K is theoretically big enough.


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    Do a heat loss calc to do it right.

    Typical 3/4" fintube is about 600 btu a feet (at 180) so that would mean you need an I=B=R of 39K. Much more and she'll sit on limit which can cause condensation in the flue and higher gas bills.

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