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    Sizing Two stage AC & three stage furnace

    I've had two contractors do calcs and tell me that the heat gain is about 28,700 for my house.
    They have each recommended a single stage and an option of a two Stage unit.
    The single stage size both say should be a 2.5 ton and two stage a 3 ton (don't come in half sizes).
    I am concerned with the three ton as I have that size now and it is very poor at taking humidity out as it runs for 5 or 6 minutes at a time.
    Can you safely oversize a two stage by a half ton or a ton and still get good dehumidification?
    I'm not sure what capacity a bryant runs at (Model 187B)
    1,650 sq ft ranch in up state NY, I run the AC A lot due to allergies so I'm leaning toward the two stage.
    Honestly I have the same question for the furnace.
    Calcs show right about 60,000 btu.
    One contractor is recomnding the three stage Bryant (Model 355CAV) at 60,000 BTU input and the other is saying to go with the 80,000 and it will run in 1 & 2nd stage most of the time making it more comfortable and cheaper.

    Any help would be appreciated.
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