Helloha, I work at a small university, have an auto, diesel truck mechanic background and I have a universal cert. problem is, I don't know much about refridgeration and what I do know, i learned in autoshop and trade school (for trucks), and on this job. I want to learn more but opportunities are limited since breakdowns dont happen every day. Yes, I read books and yes I watch videos on youtube and such. that helps but i have some basic questions that I hope someone will take the time to answer.
I do caps ever go partway bad? I know there is a tester for them but is there a way to test them without that tool.
Can a compessor have a short and still run? I have one that runs loud and if I check for continuity from one of the leads going into it and the copper line connected to it, I get continuity.
what would you do if you had a complaint about a loud compressor in a through wall heatpump?
The same unit has a piercing valve on it, but there is no schrader in it. There seems to be a small hex for an allen key on top of it. will turning that open the valve so I can check pressure?
I'll close with this, I watch/ listen to a lot of podcasts. Advance Auto has several on auto ac. They are pretty good butthey never show/ mention vacuming the system down before filling with refridgerant. Anyone know why orhave a theory?
Thanks for helping out an old newb.