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Thread: Littering

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    Quote Originally Posted by coolwhip View Post
    What kind of stupid question is that? Do you think us to be simpletons and just throw our fast food trash out the window?

    Do you drive to work or bring your lunch?

    Ummm ... I'm confused ... I thought you were a simpleton ... so are you saying you are not?

    Oh, remember to roll the window down first...


    "Nothing else can poison our culture, corrupt our society or ruin the character of our people like unearned money or unearned opportunity." -- James R. Cook

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    Have you not ever seen the Indian crying commercial ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jayhawker View Post
    After sweeping up cigarette butts at a commercial rental property I wish the cops would start giving tickets out for that instead of all the BS traffic tickets the write. But that would require an original thought

    Up to a 200.00 fine in our city for tossing out a cigarette butt....
    She's a meth cookin mama in love with a pill crunching man....

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    [QUOTE=vmc1161;7513662]Ummm ... I'm confused ... I thought you were a simpleton ... so are you saying you are not?

    Oh, remember to roll the window down first...

    Reminds me of that movie...where Billy Crystal goes to spit gum out the window and the window is up.
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    I never litter intentionally. I've occasionally had a piece of paper blow out of the van, and all be danged if I'm going to chase it when it's windy as heck out.

    I was at the c-store the other day, standing talking with a friend in the parking lot. As we stood there some lady (nice looking too) came out with a pack of cigarettes (well, there went the good looking), sitting in her car, she opens the top (paper and plastic part), and just toss's it out the window. I swear some people need to be slapped.

    Even on bigger job sites it seems rare to find one that's clean with out garbage all over in the lot and building. I read on here some where that the European (?) job sites are known to be some of the cleanest around because they actually take pride in their site being clean. That'd sure be nice here!
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