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    Selling Equipment and Parts used in STARBUCKS Stores

    We used to service Starbucks until they decided to go "in house." We were required to keep a large inventory of their parts and equipment on hand, now we are left with a huge inventory we can't use. Any offer is a good offer. contact us for a list of parts and prices.

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    Been in this position before. I would hang on to them. Specialized parts are hard to come by & harder to get rid of. As for going in house, (generalizing) they will be back. Then you have them where you want them! 2 approaches: let them know you have parts available and are willing to be their "distributer" Mark the heck up out of them to cover your out of pocket $$$$. Still offer your services especially after hours. At 5 bucks a coffee, they can't afford to be down.

    While some in house guys are excellent, most are just minimum wage guys looking for a break into the trade. I've seen customers crawling back after this "cost savings" approach hit the fan BIG TIME!

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    Used sureshot

    Any ideas on how to get rid of a used starbucks Sureshot ac20?
    Been sitting in my basement for a while, works fine.

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    dont they just use t7300 stats, split systems and a ductless split? thats what all the stores around here use. give an idea of what you got.

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    I can sell them for you, check out my website
    Contact me if intrested

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    I would like to know more about these parts. How can I contact you for a list?

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