I wanted to know what the other parts of our country are seeing in regards to using any of the replacements for R-22, mainly with the residential markets.

We have not changed over any residential or commercial units. The new package systems we install are coming with R-410a, but was wondering about the many R-22 systems we have that are in place and running fine for the moment ( ) and their options for the future.

Which R-22 replacement are you using, or have used? R-422-B, R-422-D?
Was there any retrofit needed, of a direct drop in replacement?
Did you see any changes in efficiency?
Any other problems that you came across, that these MFG's aren't telling us to watch for?

I have read some having other refrigerant replacement problems, leaking seals etc, so for us having no real world experience with the new and improved R-22's I am not wanting to fall for the almighty snake oil sales pitch.