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    Heat Pump, Gas, or Dual Fuel for Tennessee?

    Our current unit is a 1985 heat pump that went out about 4 years ago. We have gas logs and a blue flame heater that can heat our whole house well as long as you leave all the doors open. We bought this house in 2004 and were not that impressed with the heat it put out. I hear the new ones are much better. To get a low interest loan we have to get a heat pump. My question is should I get a bank loan to purchase a gas pack, or go ahead with the heat pump or dual fuel to the the loan rate loan trough the electric company? I have gotten 2 heat pump and dual fuel quotes so far. They are both 14 SEER sytems from Bryant and American Standard. The Bryant dual fuel is $500 higher than the heat pump, and the American Standard is $1000 to upgrade to dual fuel. What do you guys think?

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    Well heat pumps are much better than they use to be. In the house I had before I had a 4 ton XLi19 heat pump that would work just fine down to 19degrees.

    Im a NG guy. But NG is cheap where im at.

    A/S is the same as Trane which im a Trane dealer and they are great. I use to be a Bryant dealer. I heard they have gotten better which should have been pretty easy for them! LOL

    If you have NG keep it. Nothing heats better than NG.

    I think you have made your mind up about a heat pump because of the loan. So you know dual fuel is what you are going for.

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    If you are referring to the TVA heat pump loan some of the participating utility companies loan on dual fuels.
    The gas / electric ac will be at best 82% AFUE [you get 82 cents worth of heat out of each dollar of gas], with the dual fuel heat pump it will satisfy your heat load to at least 35* od, with a coefficient of performance around 2.5-3.5 [ you get 2.5-3.5 dollars worth of heat for each dollar of electricity]. The gas can take over heating at 35* and/or be set to a lower or higher od temperature.

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    if you can afford it get the dual fuel


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