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    New clueless member help please

    I don't even know if I am doing this right or if I am on the correct forum. I am clueless. Anyway, I just spent $ on my central air unit because it was running constantly and on auxillary (the little green lite stays on) plus the air blowing through the vents was warmish. Serviceman changed a part (definite purpose contactor 1 pole ?) because he said the ants got to it and then told me I had to spend another $ to change out the thermostate (digital) because the old thermostate was making the unit run continually. He also told me I need freon but I can only afford so much in one day.

    Well, the guy left over 5 hours ago and the unit is still running constantly---set at 75 to cool in the auto position. Even after changing the thermostate. I have put in three calls and each time I am told that because it is over 85 degrees outside the unit will run constantly.

    Is this true or am I being handed a load of bull hockey? I am wondering if I should put a stop order on that check until they fix this thing.

    PS. The unit just shut off and after 4 minutes came back on. So the unit is running for over an hour and shuts off for 4 minutes and then comes back on for one hour. Will the temp outside cause this?

    thanks for any and all replies.
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    not to mention your not supposed to mention prices so yes you are on the wrong site..sounds like you had a freon jockey come out though

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    Yeah sorry it's really hard to diagnose that sort of thing over the net. We don't have pressure readings or electrical readings to make an analysis off of. And we ask that you do not attempt to take them as you could seriously harm yourself.

    If you are in doubt, call another company and have them take a look. If you are low on "freon" that might be why it is constantly running. But how did it lose that "freon" in the first place?

    As far as the contactors go I went to a call today myself where an ear wig ruined one.
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    The best idea is to find someone you know who has had good service, and get the name of that company, and have them come out.

    That's called a personal referral, and it is the best kind.
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    OK quick and easy checks you can do. Find a thermometer and tape it to the side of your thermostat. They should be reading fairly close to the same +-5*

    If the temperature on the thermostat is still higher than the set point( and BTW cranking the thermostat down way low will NOT make it cool any faster!), then the AC will continue to run until the set point is reached.

    Double check all your windows and doors, make sure a window sash has not slipped down a bit, letting in hot humid air can make a BIG difference.

    Furnace filter clean? Is water coming out of the drain line? If not the coil inside the duct could be frozen up. ( if you see any indication that the coil is freezing up, you need to set your thermostat to fan on, and raise the set point to say 80* for about an hour or two so the coil can thaw out)

    These are small things you can do to save yourself a service call, that will not harm your system or you.
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    One note I picked up is you said they found a few other things wrong but you can only afford so much in one day. Could the other problems found be the reason its not cooling.
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    What do you mean by "auxillary" is on, this is usually some type of electric heat back-up for a heat pump. Is it a heat pump or just a/c. If there is electric back up heat, it could be on, counteracting the a/c. Also, when the system is "on", is the outdoor unit running along with the indoor blower?

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