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    Is it true that entry level in the hvac field would be residential service jobs.

    I dont like the idea of traveling the tri state area to work in peoples dirty homes.

    I have heard about the mice/roaches/smells that are in that work.

    I want to start in commercial or instalation.

    Is this possible or does everyone need a residential field history before getting into those fields.

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    There are many companies that just do commercial. You will get sick of climbing ladders and carrying all your stuff up and down day in day out. Yes you can start out in commercial but they may have you washing coils for a while and running parts until you learn.
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    Whip is right

    Everyone has to start somewhere. You pay your dues to learn the trade and this career will never turn on you.

    You don't have to start residential and don't be discouraged when a commercial company isn't hiring. Just wait until spring.

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    give it a shot there going to be pros and cons in every dept.

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    Get in with a company that will show you the ropes. I take it you have some schooling already? I hope, I hope, I hope!

    Without some form of good quality formal education in this trade, you will fall prey to the old wives tales about "evacuation by the clock", "leak testing a system with freon 22" and "suction side compressor effeciency tests"!

    If there is a man left who has his knees in good shape, or someone with their back not killing them ... they will tell you about the value of two man lifting a unit, versus one guy doing it by himself.
    They will speak about the value of knee pads, always on...

    They will tell you all about avoiding heavy objects when your dog tired at the end of a long day in the field. Cause that's when the back injuries occur the most.

    And we dont know how LONG a back injury lasts.... until we are old and grey.
    Too bad nobody cared enough to speak up sooner ... while we were young and healthy.

    And this list goes on.

    Every facet of this trade has it's pro's and cons. Like has been stated already.
    My history has very little residential in it. But I can see some nice features of doing it.

    I've been in factories, super markets, huge warehouse storage facilities, schools, convenience stores, meat markets, packing plants and so0me other stuff.
    A lot has to do with your personality and training.

    What are you comfortable doing?

    When your on the roof of a commercial building and you need some fitting off your truck, and the round-trip will take thirty minutes of more, it makes you wonder if residential or light commercial isnt more to your liking!

    Search the threads which describe the variety of experiences available in this industry.

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