Hello everyone, yes fireplace dilemma in the summer. First, let me say is has been extremely HUMID here in the Northeast. Here's the deal.
1) 2 story home
2) 1st floor has fireplace
3) 2nd floor bedroom has fireplace. This room is above the room with the other fireplace.
4) House has an oil burner.
5) All have their own flues, all in one chimney stack.

On these hot/humid days and other days for that matter, the house can smell like fireplace(sooty smell for the lack of better words). The first floor(den) we can deal with it. The 2nd. floor fireplace is in a bedroom, and it smells there also. So, flue closed, no good. Bought and installed a draft pillow, can still smell. Ok, so now I bought and installed a damper on the top of the chimney. Just went into the room and I thought I smelled something. So, I open the fireplace and it was pretty warm in the "firebox". Still smell in the firebox. Thoughts, advice? THANKS!

PS: Sorry for the long post!