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    I guess it hasn't been that long since I have had to do something with this fridge. I came back to this thread for a trip down memory lane. I had to work on the GE again recently. The ice chute weight was rusted up again. I cleaned it again. Also, one day I was getting ice and some white plastic chunks came out with the ice. Since then, when you get ice you really get ice. I mean it just fills your glass in 1 second. This is good if you like it icy. I don't like ice that much. Now I just skip the ice a lot of the time.

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    Dunno much about fridges, but had a camper ac that sounded like a bird was caught in the fan.....turns out the squirrel cages are made of plastic and this one was cracked.

    Speaking of washers...I just bought a "smart" front load washer, hooked up the cold side water inlet (don't have a hot line plumbed to it) selected cold water cycle and hit start....the dumb thing kept switching back to the hot water selection and wouldn't wash since there was no hot I switched the cold water hose to the hot water hookup on the like a champ.

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